The Inland Northwest is awash in great places to taste wine – it would be embarrassing if it were not so much fun and delicious at the same time.

We taste wine, often, usually on Sundays, usually afternoons, usually between 12 and 30 of us and by RSVP.  Happily, the RSVP process is as easy as an email to

Places varies, the tasting and accompanying food costs around $25. per taster plus tax. Dinner events fluctuate on location and number of courses topping out around $125.

What type of tasting would you like to attend? Basic 101? French? Cabernet Sauvignon? Zinfandel? BBQ Pairings? Famous Yakima Vineyards? Verticals? Box/Jug Wines? It’s all possible with a solid dose of reverence, or irreverence as appropriate.

Some of our tastings focus around wines produced in the NorthWest while others show up from far away. As listed above, some experiences focus on a region, a grape variety, a single winery or theme. Themes range from price (low to high!) to a particular food (or season of foods) to a host’s preference.

Sponsoring your own tasting is a straightforward process of deciding on a place/time and wines. Unless it’s an issue of travel, my fee hovers around $100 – or about the same price as a talented Elvis impersonator I know.  If he comes, it’s $200. The Elvis themed tasting is dangerously fun.

Jeff Sirek always makes Momma proud,

No matter what your idea of a wine experience, personal, professional or if a public event, drop a suggestion in the comments below and we will work on the logistics to get it into the schedule.

Thank you for tasting along!

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