I help people see, with their noses.

The deeper we “see” into the workings of wine, the deeper we enjoy it, serve it and share it. The deeper we see into wine, the more deeply we see into our food, our world around us. Helen Keller named smell “the fallen angel of the senses” for the lack of practice it inspires. Luckily, it’s like fishing: not difficult, but easier with a guide.

My work creates solutions around the sales and service of wine. With the arenas of retail, production or consumption – there are different roads for different businesses.

Select the Wine Consultant tab that best applies to you, and let’s connect.

I will reach out to you to arrange an initial consultation, we will agree on a scope and put a booster rocket on your sales!

CorkJockey Communications helps bring people to wine through your restaurant, wine shop or winery. Thousands of hours are spent tasting, buying, selling and serving the best wines of the world and of the Pacific Northwest. This experience channels your brand and effort. We see wine as a delicious and engaging part of a healthy lifestyle; we help your customers to keep coming to you to get more.

CorkJockey Communications consults for:

restaurants upping their service game, and

to benefit private collectors, wine students and insurance companies.

Look around the site, read the testimonials and articles to see if you think we would be a good fit. Then, a phone call, an email or the contact form will be enough to begin a conversation about measuring your success.

 "I would recommend Eric to anyone looking to increase wine knowledge, comprehension and sales abilities within their operation.”   Julie Raftis-Litzenberger, Culinary Arts Instructor, Inland Northwest Culinary Academy 

And thank you for reading.