Thank you for checking in! This is what I am doing now:

Digesting the beauty of a 6 week tour of Europe including the harvest in Alsace, the fine wines of the Loire, friends in Champagne, friends in Tours, Bordeaux, Avignon and Tuscany, new friends all along the way.  From seeing the Pope to photographing London to raising a liter at Octoberfest, it was a delicious experience.  We are the richer for meeting the growers and the people who drink their wine.  Ultimately, wine consumption continues to decline in Europe.   In the face of declining wine consumption, what do growers do?

Also, I continue to write the wine column for ArtChowder Magazine published bi-monthly, available here:, look for November/December’s Wine and Cheese Affinity,

I am writing queries for Northwest Travel and Life and Washington Tasting Room magazines,

producing private dining and wine events for a few wine collectors;

staging professional enrichment tastings and assisting a few restaurants with the nuts and bolts of making money selling wine,

Let’s catch up soon!

and looking forward to the next opportunity to help wineries and wineshops raise revenues, profits and customer engagement.