Catching the Alsatian harvest 2019

Digesting a 6 week tour of Europe in terms of the grape harvest, the cuisine and the cycle of how Europe thinks about their wine industry. In the face of declining wine consumption, what do growers do?

Not as bumper as 2018, but 2019 will fill all the tanks and barrels again.

I am writing a wine column for ArtChowder Magazine published bi-monthly, available here:, look for November/December’s Wine and Cheese Affinity, and

All things being equal, ‘summer’ cheese has a broader range of flavor, just in time to enjoy near the end of the year.
deciphering the noise ordinances of central Chianti…

writing briefs for PacNW travel outlets like NW Travel and Life,

winding down a productive season with the professional team at The Golf Club at BlackRock,

staging public wine tastings, staging professional enrichment tastings and assisting a few restaurants with the nuts and bolts of making money selling wine,

savoring the memories of the Grand Crus

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